Review Policy

Before you send me a request to review your book, you should know that I am not a book reviewer.  I am a book blogger who shares my thoughts on books that I have read and loved.

I do not dissect the technicalities of how a book is written, how well it fits with its intended genre and audience, or pick apart the hard work of the author.

Instead, I will share my favorite parts of the story (without spoilers), which characters I connected with the most, whether I would recommend it, discuss re-readability and rate it out of 5.

I am not paid to share books on this blog, and all opinions are honest and in my own words.

I do read advanced copies, whether physical or digital, and if you are interested in my thoughts on your work, please email me at

If you expect me to read your book, I expect you to read my blog.  Please read about me, and the types of books I read before sending any requests.

When emailing me, please include the cover (if available), synopsis, number of pages, and any deadlines.  I read a lot and want to know if I am interested and able to read your book without asking questions.  Therefore, I will not consider any requests without this information.

Please note that acceptance of your request does not guarantee coverage on my blog.

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